Oracle Analytics Cloud for Oracle EPM Part 1 – Lets Intro

Oracle Analytics and How to unlock insights from data living within Oracle EPM. When and when not to use OAC and for what purpose is it suited. A better future with improved connectivity for EPM!

Oracle EPM Planning – Budget Adjustment Tracking

Quick dive in Oracle EPM Planning / PBCS to show a clever approach to track and report on Budget Adjustments / Changes. Concept can be applied to forecasting also. Enjoy!

Oracle EPM Planning Mapping Smart Lists to Attributes

Attribute dimensions are excellent tools for establishing descriptive capability of a dimension member and to then enable slice and dice capability by this attribute. For example, a project may have an attribute of a project manager as you would typically only have one project manager per project. The challenge results in the administration of this, as tends to be a manual task using the dimension editor and power is taken from the user to change/update this themselves and becomes an admin based task. • Why? Gives the control to users to easily view & update • How? Our approach relies on automation using EPM Automate (extract and import)

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