Oracle Analytics Cloud for Oracle EPM Part 1 – Lets Intro

Oracle Analytics and How to unlock insights from data living within Oracle EPM. When and when not to use OAC and for what purpose is it suited. A better future with improved connectivity for EPM!

Oracle EPM Planning – Budget Adjustment Tracking

Quick dive in Oracle EPM Planning / PBCS to show a clever approach to track and report on Budget Adjustments / Changes. Concept can be applied to forecasting also. Enjoy!

PBCS – Restricting Form Triggered Business Rules with User Variable Selections

Quick dive in PBCS to show a clever approach to Restricting Form Triggered Business Rules with User Variable Selections. Enjoy!

Triggering On-Demand Source Data Loads from within PBCS

In this post we look at on-demand data loads from source to PBCS. In on-premise Hyperion, if the requirement is to trigger on-demand data loads from within Hyperion they are a few options like Calc Manager command line triggers or Workspace Generic Jobs both of which can trigger batch scripts on the underlying servers to trigger the load from source systems to Hyperion. In PBCS this is a lot more difficult due to limitations of PBCS being a cloud solution that is not able to directly integrate with all source systems due to both technology and locations of these systems.

Clearing Essbase ASO Cubes in PBCS

For those that do not know what an Essbase ASO Cubes is keep reading this paragraph, the rest please collect your boarding pass and proceed to next paragraph. I suppose if you are still reading this paragraph then your Hyperion knowledge is limited, so let me see what justice I can do in explaining Essbase... Continue Reading →

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